Black Mission Fig & Elberta Peach Jam

Black Mission Fig & Elberta Peach Jam


Figs have been cultivated for thousands of years. The Black Mission fig originated in Spain and was brought to America by the Spaniards in 1520. This fig received its name from missionary fathers who planted the fig at Mission San Diego in 1769.

Figs require sunny days for the fruit to ripen fully which is why they thrive in our sunny Mediterranean climate here in Southern California.

Black Mission figs are a delicate fruit, with purple-black skin and dark pink flesh. When picked at their peak they are sweeter than honey.

Our Black Mission Fig and Elberta Peach jam is made from Elberta peaches we grow in our orchard. Elberta is a famed peach for canning, originating in Georgia in 1870and renowned for its sweet succulent fruit.

To capture the fantastic flavor of both the Mission figs and the Elberta peaches, we process them directly from the tree. We’ve found figs and peaches like several other fruits lose flavor when refrigerated. This is one advantage of both growing the fruit and processing the jam! As with all of our jams and jellies we us about 20% less sugar in our recipes.

Elberta peach
tree growing in our orchard.