Passiflora edulis 'Frederick' Plant - Ridgedale Orchard & Vineyard
Passiflora edulis 'Frederick' Plant

Passiflora edulis ‘Frederick’ - Purple Passion Fruit Plant



Frederick Passion Fruit is a very vigorous vine that produces an abundance of spectacular passionflowers followed by delicious large purple fruit.  They are one of the best tasting passion fruits available.  You can also use the leaves to make a tea for insomnia!  And if that isn’t enough, Passion Fruit plants also attract the beautiful Gulf Fritillary Butterfly.  Vines can grow quite large, up to 20’, but can easily be keep to a smaller size in a pot.

Passion fruit have a variety of uses, from teas to juices as well as ice cream or baked goods.  Adding it to flavor plan Greek yogurt is a favorite.