Nectarine Jam - Ridgedale Orchard & Vineyard
Nectarine Jam - Ridgedale Orchard & Vineyard

Nectarine Jam


Snow Queens are a white free stone nectarine. They have an intense complex nectarine flavor with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Snow Queens make an amazing light-colored artisan jam that is delicious, on and in, anything you add it to.

Snow Queens are a taste test nectarine winner, in fact many connoisseurs consider them the best stone fruit of all! But like many of the stone fruit varieties we grow, you don't see Snow Queen nectarines on the commercial market. That’s because they bruise easily, ripen unevenly on the trees, and have a thicker skin. But their intense nectarine flavor is perfect for making our artisan nectarine jam, they’re the perfect nectarine to grow in Southern California.

Snow Queen nectarines growing in our orchard.