Pomegranate Jelly - Ridgedale Orchard & Vineyard
Pomegranate Jelly - Ridgedale Orchard & Vineyard

Pomegranate Jelly

Available:  Nov. 2021

Our Wonderful pomegranates make an amazing flavorful jelly. Made from freshly pressed pomegranate arils (seeds) from the sun ripened pomegranates in our orchard. The juice is then handcrafted into jelly with less sugar than traditional recipes. Great on toast and biscuits and as a condiment for turkey and chicken.

Pomegranates may be the oldest propagated fruit dating back to ancient times. It is native to the area from Iran to northern India and was introduced into California in 1769 by Spanish settlers. Pomegranates grow in a semi-arid mild Mediterranean climate, so Lake Mathews is a perfect location to grow them. In fact fruiting is impaired in a humid environment.

We grow the Wonderful variety which is known for its large red, juicy, sweet and tangy fruit. Pomegranates are known for their health benefits and are packed with antioxidants. Our Wonderful pomegranates are one of the first trees to bud out in early spring and one of the last to harvest in October.

Wonderful pomegranates growing in our orchard.