Syrah Grape Jelly from Ridgedale Orchard & Vineyard

Syrah Grape Jelly


This is not a wine jelly, but a traditional grape jelly made from full-bodied fruity flavored Syrah wine grapes grown in our vineyard.

Ever wonder what wine grapes taste like before they’re made into wine? Well our Syrah jelly is just that, not a wine jelly, but a jelly made from our Syrah grapes. Because of our hot climate here in Lake Mathews, our Syrah grapes produce a flavor similar to those grown in Australia (where it is called Shiraz), as opposed to Syrah grown in Napa Valley California. Hotter climates produce a full-bodied but softer tannin with all the fruit flavor associated with Syrah.

Syrah grapes growing in our vineyard.